Feeling Run Down? Try These 3 Natural Energy Boosters

Posted by Neil Butterfield on

     Fatigue is a common complaint among people today. Our busy modern life often causes us to skip meals or to skimp on getting a good night's sleep. Stress and anxiety can further take their toll, leaving us feeling tired and run down. When feeling tired or run down many of us reach for coffee or an energy drink.

     There are a number of ways to boost energy and reduce the impact of stress that are natural and much healthier than energy drinks.

1. Focused Breathing

Take a moment to BREATHE...

     Deep breathing can help give a boost of energy by oxygenating the blood. In yoga, there is a practice called bellows breath that gives a boost of energy. To do bellow's breath, take a deep breath. Now, breathe IN and OUT in short breaths as quickly as possible using your diaphragm to move your breath in an out. Do this for about 10 seconds and then follow with 2-3 deep breaths in and out. Return to breathing normally.

This exercise will give you a noticeable lift and you can do it ANYWHERE.

2. Quality Sleep

     Obviously, many of us feel tired because we don't get enough sleep. The best way to combat fatigue is to get plenty of sleep. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle does not always make this possible. If you cannot get a full night's sleep try taking a SHORT nap. If you decide to take a nap, only nap for 1 hour or less. If you nap longer than that, you'll slip into the deeper cycle of sleep and you may wake up feeling groggy and more tired than before your nap. Can't nap? Try MEDITATION. In studies, researchers found that 10-20 minutes of deep meditation is as recharging as taking a nap. As an added benefit, studies have shown that people who meditate deal better with stress and anxiety.

3. High Quality Supplements

     Finally, you might want to consider taking a supplement. A number of minerals have been shown in studies to increase energy and HELP the body handle stress better. Often feeling tired is the result of fluctuations in blood sugar levels. Chromium is a mineral that helps the body regulate blood sugar. Magnesium is necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates. These minerals together help the body break down carbohydrates and maintain a steady and healthy blood sugar. This prevents the crash that many of us experience late in the day or after meals. A liquid mineral supplement makes these minerals readily available to the body for MAXIMUM benefit. There are also high quality blood sugar support supplements that combine these minerals with other nutrients known to help maintain healthy blood sugar.

     Next time you feel run down or tired, DON'T reach for an energy drink. Instead TRY some simple breathing exercises, meditation and/or taking a supplement designed to maintain a healthy blood sugar level that can help boost ENERGY and keep the run down feeling at bay. 

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