​Back Pain Relief

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Ordering imaging scans on patients with back pain had become a common practice for many doctors. Unfortunately, this practice may only serve to drive up the cost of healthcare and lead to misdiagnoses. In fact, the American College of Physicians recently released guidelines which suggest that unnecessary imaging scans may do more harm than good.

X-rays, MRI’s, and CT scans raise the overall cost of healthcare. In addition, these scans may show abnormalities which are totally unrelated to the patient’s pain, but which doctors address anyway. Additionally, excess or repeated exposure to radiation has the probability of causing cancer and other health problems in patients.

Dr. Amir Qaseem, director of clinical policy in medical education at the American College of Physicians, states that back pain is usually caused by muscle strain and that other scans “should be reserved for selective high-risk patients who have serious symptoms” only.

Back pain is a problem which affects millions of Americans every day, sometimes making it difficult for people to even get out of bed or around the house. Fortunately, instead of going to a doctor for unnecessary scans and allopathic medicine, there are simple natural treatments available to you.

The first and most common relief from back pain is chiropractic treatment. While chiropractors may recommend supplements, they usually focus more on the muscle tension causing back pain, and offer stretches and other treatments to relieve the pressure on the back. If your chiropractor does recommend supplements, they are usually natural or “alternative” medication, including herbs or vitamin and mineral supplements.

Another common pain relief treatment is acupuncture, a medical art which was conceived in China thousands of years ago. While it may seem scary, many patients who have had acupuncture treatments report that the treatment itself was actually painless. Additionally, back pain is relieved long-term, even once acupuncture treatments have no longer been used.

Supplements help to relieve pain by either numbing pain-sensitive nerves or by giving your body enough nutrition to prevent pain. For example, topical Magnesium has been touted as having benefits such as muscle pain relief. Other patients have noted that topical Magnesium relieves cramps within minutes of use. Studies show that Magnesium is used by every cell in the body, and that muscles need Magnesium to function properly, and that means no cramping or tightening.

A relatively new treatment for pain is music therapy, which uses –you guessed it, music – to help relieve pain. Many doctors have used music therapy in hospitals for treating chronic pain problems, and have had favorable results. The best thing is music therapy is cheap, easily accessible, and actually works.

Yoga has been used and promoted for its health benefits for hundreds of years, and it definitely makes sense that using stretching and other exercises would help to relieve pain, especially back pain. Most yoga poses are relatively easy to master, and joining a yoga class is a great way to share that time with others. Some poses, such as the cobra, are really great for stretching the lower back.

These five methods are natural alternatives to medication and unnecessary radiation. Take your health into your own hands today and treat your back pain naturally, easily, and significantly more cheaply than visiting a doctor.