Germanium? What Is That?

Posted by Neil Butterfield on

Vitamins are widely recognized for their importance in keeping the body's activities functioning. However, all nutrients require minerals for optimum functioning. It was found that every ailment, disease or sickness could be traced to deficiency of one or more minerals. Minerals cannot be synthesized, unlike vitamins. Deficiency of a single mineral can cause several problems in the body and render all the other nutrients inefficient. Germanium is an element, which is being researched for its incredible health giving properties.

Discovered in 1886 by Clemens Winkler, Germanium is an important trace mineral, which is needed to help oxygenate the tissues, and for proper immune functioning. In recent years, it has gained in popularity as an alternative therapy used for bacterial, viral and fungal infections, as well as cancer. It is quite similar chemically to silica and carbon and found in medicinal herbs such as garlic, ginseng and aloe vera.

This dynamic discovery in the field of trace elements raises the oxygen uptake in various organs and helps to remove harmful toxins. It also stops the activity of germs. As an electrical semiconductor, it helps to correct distortions in the body's electrical fields.

Germanium supplements are still being researched for all the supplementary applications that it has to offer. Germanium deficiencies may result in low energy and poor immune function. Researchers believe that it acts as an anti-cancer agent and that deficiency symptoms include asthma, leukemia, certain cancers (bladder, lung and breast), neuralgia, cardiac insufficiency, nephritis, hypertension, neurotic disorders, hepatic cirrhosis and softening brain tissue. These diseases have been shown to respond well to treatment with germanium.

Natural sources of germanium are herbs such as comfrey, aloe vera, ginseng, kale, arugula and garlic. You can also obtain small amounts of germanium from leafy green (chlorophyll rich) plants such as spinach, beet greens, mustard greens and shiitake mushrooms.

Ionic minerals are usually single and highly concentrated. They are prepared from pure elemental sources. They are liquid dietary supplements that provide minerals in ionic form. In this form, minerals are absorbed fully, unlike supplements in pill or capsule form that have to dissolve and be processed by the digestive system. Ionic is the form most easily recognized by the human body to ensure maximum absorption. The process that is used to produce these ionic minerals creates a balanced liquid ionic mineral, which is safe and flexible.

It is blended with the purest water to activate the minerals to become electrically charged ions. The water is purified and energy enhanced for optimum efficiency.

Germanium is rich in antioxidants. It maximizes cell energy by working with oxygen and also promotes functions of the circulatory system. Thus, it will improve your energy levels and promote a healthy heart rate and production. While some mineral supplements may be toxic, the yeast based germanium product used in ionic supplements is purer and non-toxic. It is also more easily absorbed and metabolized by the body.

Because our soil is depleted of nutrients and our foods are highly processed, we do not get the minerals that we require from foods, as we should. Therefore, our diets should be supplemented daily to prevent deficiencies and depletion. Daily, the body requires minerals that are used up and they need to be replenished. An adequate supply is required in order for the minerals to maintain an osmotic equilibrium (balance between external and internal pressures of the cells in the body).

Germanium supplements are used to promote and support healthy breathing and mental health, healthy replication of the cells in the bladder, larynx and breasts, liver health, uterine health, healthy sinuses, brain tissues and heart. It also helps to maintain healthy glucose levels in the blood and normal blood pressure levels.