​Manganese – A Missing Link in Bone Health?

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Your dentist and your doctor always told you to get plenty of Calcium for strong bones and teeth, but did they ever mention Manganese? Not likely, as Manganese is a hidden actor in the play for strong bones and teeth. In fact, the human body only needs 50 mg of Manganese, but those 50mg are absolutely essential for health. Without sufficient Manganese, you may experience porous bones, bone loss, and even bone disease such as osteoporosis. Not only that, Manganese deficiency can cause bow legs, poorly developed cartilage, loss of muscle coordination, and even nerve message transmission failure.

This last problem, involving nerve message transmission, just may be the most dangerous of the effects. Muscles are commanded on proper functioning by the use of nerve fibers called neurotransmitters. This is something which occurs at the speed of lightning, enabling you to function normally.

Every activity in the body, from the heart beating to legs running to typing on a keyboard is regulated by these neurotransmissions. By this, you can see just how vital the proper functioning of the transmissions is. If your nerves aren’t “speaking to each other” properly, not only can you not function, but your body will actually die within minutes, as the vital organs are not being “told” how to function.

The part of the brain which controls the neurotransmitters requires Manganese to function properly. Without Manganese, nerve signals become weak, and muscles are unable to function properly in the face of insufficient nerve signals.

Manganese does much more than assist bone building and nerve transmission, though. Keeping balance requires Manganese, and it is often seen that an infant with a Manganese deficiency will have a more difficult time learning to walk. In that instance, the ability to walk may be delayed even by a year or two.

Manganese is important to sexual health, as it promotes the health of the actual sex organs as well as increases sexual function and performance. Combined with Vitamin C, it can help to eliminate poisons in the body, and works in conjunction with other minerals to form the superoxide dismutase system which combats free radicals, preventing cancer. Manganese regulates insulin production to control blood sugar and help prevent (or manage) diabetes and works to convert blood fat so as to not clog the arteries.

When protein is broken down in the body, ammonia is unfortunately a side-effect. Ammonia is a dangerous poison- so dangerous, in fact, that only a milligram of ammonia in an entire quart of blood can be lethal. Manganese combats the affects of ammonia, helping to keep the body protected.

Environment, diet, and even medication can sometimes cause body cells to mutate, forming free radicals. These free radicals are highly reactive, and wreak havoc upon the body, often causing cancer to develop. As part of the superoxide dismutase system, Manganese protects the body from the free radicals present. It overcomes free radicals and protects the body against the effects of pollutants.

With all of these health benefits, how is it that we aren’t using Manganese more? Do your body a favor and look for a high quality liquid ionic Manganese today.