Prevent Osteoporosis and More With Calcium Supplements

Posted by Neil Butterfield on

Magnesium in a combined format forms a strong combination that enhances the health of one significantly. While calcium is very powerful in terms of improving heath, it is worth very little without the addition of magnesium. Calcium in liquid form is much more powerful than that of the tablet variety.

Because liquid calcium is water based, it is virtually one hundred percent available to be absorbed by the body. This undermines what many people have been led to believe in years gone by. The truth of the matter is that less than twenty five percent of tablet based calcium is absorbed by the body.

Protein rich foods like meat cause calcium to be wasted through the urine. Calcium that is obtained from food and the pill form of calcium are poorly absorbed. This means that most people are getting much less calcium than they would like to believe is the case. As liquid ionic calcium is water based, it is absorbed immediately. This guarantees the body the right amount of calcium.

For the above mentioned reasons, it is impossible to get the optimum calcium needed for the body. This makes it even more reason for one to take calcium in liquid format rather than tablet format.

The digestive system benefits immensely from liquid calcium magnesium. It is great for the relief of constipation, indigestion and heartburn. It benefits the digestive system in other ways too and for best results, it should be taken after eating.

The production of milk in lactating women is enhanced by the ingestion of calcium. Contractions during labor are also facilitated by calcium. Other benefits are that nerve impulses are regulated and taking calcium enables the clotting of blood.

It is a well-known fact that insufficient amounts of calcium cause osteoporosis. Calcium deficiency has dire consequences for children as it can cause rickets in children. More importantly in adults, it causes softening of the bony tissue. This is known as osteomalacia.

It has been further reported that high blood pressure and cancer of the colon have also been attributed to insufficient amounts of calcium.

One can detect a lack of calcium in the body by the presence of tingling and or numbness around the mouth and the fingertips. Calcium deficient people will also experience painful aches and muscle spasms.

Lack of calcium can be a contributing factor to being overweight. It can also retard the process of losing excess weight. It has been revealed that when one eats too little the body stores all it can, as it does not know when next it will be fed. The same process happens when the body is starved of calcium.

There is a hormone in the body called calcitriol. This has the ability to constrict the arteries. Calcium regulates this hormone. Because of this process, people with high blood pressure will notice a drop in the blood pressure when ingesting optimum levels of calcium. Taking calcium also protects the nervous system and the heart.

The body is equipped to produce vitamins but the same cannot be said about minerals. For top-level health, the body requires adequate if not abundant amounts of food grade minerals, particularly calcium. It has been reported that the best source of minerals are Japanese based pure ionic coral minerals.

This is sourced from once living coral that has been harvested from the bottom of the ocean. It comes in the format of natural mineral powder. The coral is fed the entire range of sun-radiated minerals from the ocean water. This yields massive amounts of trace minerals, magnesium and calcium that are highly ionized.