Trace Minerals and Your Health

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If you take a look around society in general today, you would be forgiven for thinking that there is more illness and disease than ever before. That is because there generally is. Although much of it is actually attributed to a change in attitudes and technological advancement, food processing and commercial farming, it also has a lot to do with our dietary requirements and our lack of fulfilling them. In truth, a lot of the illnesses can be partly blamed on having too few trace minerals in our daily diets.

Minerals and trace minerals are extremely important in ensuring the health and well being of every single individual today because they all have vital functions within the body. For example, calcium is essential for strong bones and healthy muscles. Zinc is essential for ensuring the health of tissue and cells as well as boosting immunity. There are anywhere between sixty and eighty minerals and trace minerals that we should include in our diets every single day but the truth is that very few of us are fulfilling those requirements and so many of us are deficient. In fact, it is estimated that around 90% of all Americans have some sort of trace mineral deficiency and other First World countries are expected to mimic that statistic.

The body is a wonderful thing if it is working but it can be incredibly painful and problematic if it is not. Trace minerals ensure efficiency and make sure that all cells are doing their job to ensure your health now and in the future, but getting the balance right is an absolute must. Eating too little can cause health problems for you but an excess of some trace minerals can also cause poisoning so it is a delicate balance to achieve. However, eating too much of any trace mineral is unlikely given the nature of food today. Instead, you are much more likely to have a lower intake than needed.

Believe it or not, much of the lack of trace minerals can be attributed to modern farming methods and the state of the environment. In the US and abroad the topsoil is seriously depleted, meaning that the trace minerals that have always been present in fruits and vegetables are no longer there in as large a measure. As such, it is unlikely that you are able to consume enough of the trace minerals for your body to be able to function correctly. Also, the presence and popularity of fast foods do not help;. Fast food, such as burgers and pizzas, do little for your health because they are empty foods in terms of their lack of nutritional content.

As such, the only viable way that individuals can ensure that they get the trace minerals that their bodies need is via the use of supplements. There are numerous forms of mineral supplements today so you have a choice, but none are as efficient as liquid ionic minerals. As they are soluble in water they are easy to take and are almost wholly absorbed so you can guarantee that you are getting all of the minerals and trace minerals you need to help your body function correctly. It takes very little effort to integrate them into your daily regime and you will feel the benefits within a few days.