• Rehydrate is an electrolyte replacement solution that, when added to ordinary water, can replenish vital electrolytes lost through sweat.
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  • Are you an athlete, marathon runner or someone who works outside in the heat?
  • Do you experience muscle cramps during intense workouts?
  • Do you drink sports drinks but do not want all the extra calories and sugars they usually contain?
  • Are you looking for a natural replacement for sports drinks that does not contain sugar, artificalsweeteners, artificial colors or flavors?

If you said “Yes” to any of the above questions,Mineralife has a revoluntionary product for you,RehydrateRehydrate is an electrolyte replacement solution that, when added to ordinary water, can replenish vital electrolytes including Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium lost through sweat. Proper hydration requires the right balance of electrolytes and water. But electrolytes are much more than the Sodium and Potassium that most sport drinks contain. In fact, Magnesium is required for the metabolism of carbohydrates and low levels of Magnesium can cause muscle cramping.Rehydrate provides the right blend of electrolytes without any added sugar or artificial ingredients.


Maximum Hydration = Maximum Performance

Get there with Rehydrate.

  • Each serving supplies 70mg Magnesium, 211mg Chloride, 10mg Sodium, 120mg Potassium, and 20mg Sulfate
  • No Sugar
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • Convenient to use—just add to water
  • No sticky clean up of water bottles or packs
  • Complexed with CHD-Fulvic acid to enhance mineral absorption

TESTIMONIAL: What we like about ReHydrate is the simplicity of the product, its natural ingredients, and its delivery system. ReHydrate offers electrolytes with nothing else added in a liquid form. Just add a serving to your water bottle and you are ready to go! If you just want electrolytes with no added taste,ReHydrate is the way to go, especially if you do not like carrying pills and keeping track of them while training or racing. (Fitness 19, Colorado Springs)



  • Replaces body's lost electrolytes*
  • Prevents cramping, fatigue, and dehydration*
  • Increases energy and stamina*
  • Enhances performance*
  • No sugar or calories
* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Reviews

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  1. Quality Product

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 14th 2016

    I have been investigating mineral/vitamin supplements for the last several years, and finally decided to go with Mineral Life. I believe that they have a quality product. The customer service is excellent. I spoke with the nutritionist for quite a while before purchasing, and really felt he was well informed.

  2. Review

    Posted by Cheryl on Dec 14th 2016

    I have been using Mineral Life for about 8 years now and love that I don't have to gobble down tons of pills to get what your product gives. I put it in my juice in the morning and I am good to go!

  3. Life Changing

    Posted by Kelsey on Dec 14th 2016

    These minerals have changed my life. After years of struggling with an illness, I knew my body needed a boost. A boost of minerals my diet was obviously lacking. I take a variety of your minerals and now feel better than I have in years. I am a new mom and took the minerals throughout my pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. My pregnancy was a very easy one and my little boy is healthy and thriving. For this, I give a lot of credit to the minerals. I am in love with your product and have no plan of stopping them!! Thanks for providing such an amazing product!!

  4. Review

    Posted by Eht-El Taylor on Dec 14th 2016

    Review on Mineralife

    I have used you product for over 10 years. it has been a God send for anything that is not working in my body. I have also given it to my grand children, when they have a cold or an infection.

    Thank you for Minerallife Blessings

  5. Perfect Replenishment

    Posted by Carol F on Dec 7th 2015

    Review transferred from previous website and/or Facebook. I just LOVE Mineralife's Rehydrate! I can actually feel it work as it replenishes my electrolytes. Awesome!

  6. Keeping hydrated

    Posted by Hosea T on Dec 7th 2015

    Review transferred from previous website and/or Facebook. Very good product to keep hydrated during and after exercise. I never train or compete without it.

  7. THIS is the one!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 13th 2015

    I love this product. I have used it for hydration in my water when biking and hiking for over a year. It is easy to add to my pack bladder and/or carry along and add drops as needed. More recently I have begun using it preventively for foot cramps I get when swimming laps. If I start drinking 300-500ml water with rehydrate added at the beginning and throughout my workout, I have no cramps :).

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