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Fulvic Acid Minerals / Fulvic Trace Minerals

Fulvic acid has recently gained a spotlight for its abilities to aid in the body's absorption and use of minerals, its ability to remove toxins and its ability to act as a powerful antioxidant. Fulvic acid is a supplement that can truly maintain optimum health! Just some of its potential benefits include:

  • Replenishment of minerals in the body's cells
  • Increased energy and sense of well-being
  • More restful sleep
  • Reduced joint pain
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved growth and appearance of hair, nails and skin

Mineralife's Fulvic Trace is the highest quality FulvicAcid supplement available today. Our Fulvic Acid is sourced from an ancient, organic humus bed. We then extract the fulvic compounds using only pure, cold water. This extraction process avoids the use of chemicals, heat and pressure, which can ruin the quality of the compounds, and results in a 100% Fulvic Acid solution with a mild taste. Our product contains nothing but 100% Fulvic Acid solution; there are no added sweeteners, flavors or colors.

  • Highest quality Fulvic Acid extracted with only pure, cold water – no acids, high heat or pressure to damage the Fulvic compounds
  • Sourced from an ancient, organic humus bed (humic)
  • No added sweeteners, colors or flavors
  • Mild taste. Easily taken “Straight”

Fulvic Trace enhances the bio-availability of many minerals and nutrients. Get the most out of all your supplements by adding this product to your health maintenance plan.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Benefits and/or deficiency symptoms are generic for the mineral. No product claims are being made or implied. Research is ongoing.



  • Replenishment of Minerals in the body's cells*
  • Increased energy and sense of well-being*
  • More restful sleep*
  • Reduced joint pain*
  • Improved circulation*
  • Reduced inflammation*
  • Improved growth and appearance of hair, nails and skin*
*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Reviews

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  1. Fulvic Trace

    Posted by Ronald on May 24th 2016

    Minerals seem to absorb better than any other supplements I take. I want to order more real soon.

  2. Product Review

    Posted by Kate on May 3rd 2016

    I have been taking Mineralife's Daily Multiple and Fulvic Trace products every day for several months, at the recommendation of a local dietitian. Besides ease of use (I take one cap-full in aloe vera each morning) I am thrilled at the very noticeable improvement in my energy levels and digestion. Can't wait to order more!

  3. Great Absorption

    Posted by Kristen Race on Apr 17th 2016

    I've been using mineralife for several years now and it is the foundation of my health. I noticed such a profound difference in my energy within 3 days of starting them that I continue to use them. It's just not the same without them! Great absorption and quality!

  4. The Best

    Posted by Barbara Chastain on Mar 1st 2016

    These minerals make me feel better and boost my energy.

  5. The Best

    Posted by Barbara Chastain on Feb 23rd 2016

    This mineral supplement helps me sleep better, busts energy during the day. It is excellent!

  6. Fulvic Trace

    Posted by Liz on Feb 18th 2016

    Your minerals are pleasant tasting and easy to digest. I plan on ordering more soon.

  7. Fulvic Trace

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 26th 2016

    Review transferred from Amazon. This liquid is amazing, I dont even know how to start explaining. My youngest son suffers from autism symptoms, he was never dignosed because I just got plain tired of putting my baby through so much pain and I got tired of going to so many Dr. That would chek him and do test and couldn't give me a diagnosis, any ways long story short, my baby couldn't talk, he wasn't growing properly, he was very picky with foods and would vomit anything that didn't settle in his stomack wich was almoust all d time, and a lot of other symptoms to long to list. In my desperation I took my baby to a a Dr. that does live blood analysis and he recomended the Fulvic trace, wow!! Was I in for a surprise in 2 weeks I started noticing results my 4 yr old now started talking, and looking at me with time he said he was hungry for the first time I was beyond my self. He still have some symptoms but over all he is like a normal now 6 yr old, I just recently started to give it to him again and this time around he is starting to eat chiken wich he couldn't keep down. Over all this product for me is amazing. I will recomended 100%.

  8. Feeling good!

    Posted by Anonymous on Dec 7th 2015

    Review transferred from previous website and/or Facebook. After a long time in hospital, I started taking fulvic acid. It's really helping me feel strong and healthy. I'm going back to work on Monday!

  9. Better absorption

    Posted by June G on Dec 7th 2015

    Review transferred from previous website and/or Facebook. I love this product as it helps me to absorb other minerals properly. I need all the help I can get to maintain optimum health.

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